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The retail and use stages of the lifecycle are an area where RPC has a minimal direct influence on environmental impacts. At the retail and use stages of the lifecycle stages our plastic products and packaging are handled predominantly by the retail supply chain and the consumer, however, we can still have some control over the environmental impacts at these phases.

The primary role of packaging within the retail environment is to protect, secure and deliver the product contents. We strive to offer customers the most appropriate sustainable solution for their product in order to minimise environmental impact at this stage of the supply chain. The foundations for this have been achieved at the design, development and innovations stage which determines the impact throughout the rest of the supply chain.

The responsible disposal of plastics

All plastics are recyclable and can be used for a variety of valuable second-life applications. Our own initiatives have seen the incorporation of recycled HDPE, PET and PP into industrial, personal care and paint containers.

As long ago as 1990, RPC was a pioneer in the development of one of the UK’s first plastics recycling schemes and we continue to work with a variety of industry and government organisations to promote plastics recyclability and improve collection rates.

Where plastics cannot be effectively recycled, we advocate incineration for its excellent energy properties that can make an effective contribution to the generation of electricity.

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