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RPC Sustainability
RPC is committed to incorporating sustainability into our overall business strategy and to helping our customers to achieve their environmental goals. Indeed, since our inception we have been constantly developing innovative packaging solutions that provide sustainability benefits for our own direct operations, our customers and our supply chain.
Some of our achievements to date include:
  • Ongoing lightweighting initiatives – our market-leading Paintainer, for example, is now some 20% lighter than a few years ago
  • The incorporation of post-consumer recycled material (PCR) into PP, HDPE and PET containers
  • The successful development of a variety of barrier solutions that provide extended ambient shelf life and enhanced product protection, and which help to tackle the problem of unnecessary food waste
At the same time we continue to seek ways to further reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations through greater efficiencies and reduced electricity and water consumption.
As a packaging manufacturer, RPC has greatest control over the earliest stages of the packaging lifecycle. However, the influence of our actions at the design stage reaches far beyond, to the customer and even the recycling opportunities at the end-of-life stage. From the purchase of raw materials, through design, manufacture and distribution, to sale, end-use and disposal, RPC can make a positive contribution to a pack’s overall environmental impact.
Our RPC Sustainability Matters programme provides regular updates on our latest initiatives in these areas as well as factual reliable information on the environmental impact and benefits of plastics packaging.

The Packaging Lifecycle

RPC is taking positive steps to tackle sustainability challenges throughout the packaging lifecycle.

RPC Recycling Video: From Margarine Tub to Paint Container

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