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26th January, 2015

Pet's Packaging forum in Paris

From big to small, from round to square: RPC Superfos offers you a wide-ranging selection of packaging solutions for pet food. Check them out in Paris at the occasion of Pet’s Packaging Forum 4 – 5 February 2015.

Free pail boosts sales of dog food

Attractive pots and pails from RPC Superfos have proved the ideal solution for free measuring cups and storage containers for a leading dry pet food company, while RPC Superfos’s ability to effectively handle the distribution logistics has been another key factor in the promotion’s success.

Halfmoon is a Worldstar Winner

The innovative HalfMoonTM pack from RPC Superfos has received a WorldStar 2015. The pack has an attractive shape and ergonomic advantages.

Worldstar goes to Bespoke SuperLock

A bespoke version of the SuperLock® pot used for sliced salami has been honoured with a WorldStar 2015. 

Pot Ensures Pasta Dishes Can Be All Shook Up

Leading French food manufacturer Soulié Restauration, part of William Saurin, is shaking up the ready meals market with a brand new product packed in a bespoke packaging solution from RPC Barrier Containers.

Victoria Scandinavian Soap AB choose M&H Plastics for range extension

Founded in 1905 and purveyors to the Royal Swedish court since 1924, Victoria Scandinavian Soap AB has an enviable reputation for quality and uses natural ingredients such as Nordic berries, shea butter and honey. The soap is triple milled for purity and quality.

Elegance in Opening

A stylish easy-open closure from RPC beauté is providing the ideal complement to the packaging of the latest perfume creation from the House of Rochas.

Cleopatra would be proud!

To try and create the traditional Belgian milk bottle look for a unique bath cream range that uses asses milk as a core ingredient, Asinerie du Pays des Collines turned to M&H Plastics, part of the RPC Group of Companies.

Healthy Juices Look Good In PET

250ml and 500ml clear PET bottles from RPC Containers Llantrisant are helping to convey the health and wellness values of a new range of organic, cold pressed juices, super-food smoothies and cleanses.

Twist-up Offers the Best Solution

The new Biotherm Skin Best Serum-in-Cream youth-protecting concentrate is combining convenience and on-shelf appeal in the Twist-Up airless dispenser from RPC Bramlage-Wiko.
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