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RPC Barrier Containers
Increasing competition for space in the chill cabinet means there is a growing demand for food packaging that can deliver a long ambient shelf life. Equally important, recent sustainability campaigns highlighting the amount of unnecessary food waste reinforce the important role packaging plays in protecting and preserving food products.
With a choice of materials and manufacturing processes, RPC leads the market in barrier technology and innovation offering a range of safe, convenient and lightweight packs that keep products fresher for longer.
RPC barrier solutions provide an effective barrier against oxygen ingress as well as the necessary strength to allow hot fill, pasteurisation, sterilisation and aseptic filling.
RPC´s unrivalled expertise in thermoforming has created an extensive choice of tubs, trays and pots for ready meals, salads, fruit, snacks and functional foods.

Blow Moulding:
RPC is the recognised pioneer and innovator in co-extruded multilayer bottles and jars for sauces, vegetables, soups and condiments for retail and foodservice markets.
Injection Moulding:
RPC leads the market in the development of injection moulded barrier solutions with a range of reclosable tubs and pots for sauces, soups, ready meals, salads, fruits and preserves.

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