At RPC we are committed to incorporating sustainability into our overall business strategy and to helping our customers achieve their environmental goals.

Since our inception we have been constantly developing innovative solutions that provide sustainability benefits for our own direct operations, our customers and our supply chain.

Sustainable solutions for our customers

Some of our initiatives include:

Lightweighting – reducing the weight of plastic applications while maintaining the same technical performance
Incorporating post-consumer recycled material (PCR) into PP, HDPE and PET containers which diverts used plastic from landfill or incineration
Material Substitution – the lightweight nature of plastics provides a low carbon, robust, reliable and safe alternative to some traditional materials
Developing solutions for product protection in both the food and non-food markets such as extending shelf-life, portion control and reducing product waste

Sustainability for our customers

Our own direct impact

We also continue to seek ways to further reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations through greater efficiencies at this stage of the product lifecycle.

Our focus in this area is the reduction of:

Energy consumption

Water consumption


Carbon emissions

Our direct environmental impacts

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